This is my hub page for my headworld / story known as Dog of Paradise! I plan on using this page to host links / images / info and such about it. I have been developing DoP since early 2014. It centers around my oc, Joseph "Tex" Saldahna, whose creation kickstarted the story. If you're new to my work, try out the introduction page + gallery!

The moodboard below is made up of free stock images collected from that help visualize my headworld. Consider it an introduction to the aesthetics of Dog of Paradise! You can find sources here. Tex pixel is by gripelord!

Content Warning: Dog of Paradise is a story with mature themes.
The story and characters may deal with and mention topics such as:
murder/death, drugs/alcohol/tobacco use, gambling, addiction, abuse, sex work, etc.
This site does not contain pornography or anything too graphic visually.

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  • Dog of Paradise (might call it DoP sometimes) is headworld i've been working on since early 2014. "Dog of Paradise" is just a play on the name of the flower Bird of Paradise. Bird of Paradise were my favorite flower as a kid (also one of the first pieces of art I made using actual tools was an oil pastel of Bird of Paradise flowers), and the floral emblem of the city of Los Angeles.

  • Dog of Paradise centers around Joseph "Tex" Saldanha, an autistic gay man from Palm Springs, California, who works as a hitman. While he does kill people for a living, he's very selective about his targets, choosing those he deems already immoral, and shares a majority of his wealth earned, only keeping enough to have a comfortable and fun lifestyle. A majority of the story takes place in Southern California, especially Los Angeles + Palm Springs, though Tex has done hits in other cities such as Las Vegas, Malibu, Ventura, New York City, various cities in states across the Southwest like Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and so on.

  • Dog of Paradise is not only based and inspired by those cities, but specific themes and aesthetics, such as: deserts (from dry canyons to more lush and full of cacti) mountains, long roads, diners, casinos, neon lit roadside motels and luxurious, high end resorts, truck stops, gas stations, pool water, tropical plants, both retro and modern architecture and design styles, and other things like guns and cigarettes. It's a mixture of both darker, more grungy aesthetics, and colorful, friendly, tropical, vacation vibes.

Joseph "Tex" Saldanha, the main character of Dog of Paradise

  • I have a page of established places (and also some groups) within the world.

  • I also have a pinterest board for inspiration, as well as a youtube playlist (wip) and spotify playlist!

  • There are also supernatural beings, cryptids, demons/angels within this world! There's a page about them here!

  • I currently don't have any serious plans for Dog of Paradise. For now, it is just a collection of characters, art, and small stories. If I were to make it into something one day, my dream is for it to be a video game or comic.

While Dog of Paradise is a personal project and I created this page mostly to organize my own information, you are free to join in and make characters for it! In fact, I strongly encourage it if you have any interest in my world. I love to share it and inspire others! The world allows for a lot of creative freedom, and I have some links below to help you out with your character creation.

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this page is currently a wip and not a complete list!
you can see all the character profiles on toyhouse!

Content Warning: Dog of Paradise is a story with mature themes.
Content on these character pages may mention themes such as:
murder/death, drugs/alcohol/tobacco use, gambling, addiction, abuse, sex work, etc.
These mentions are mainly through text as part of character's stories, past, occupations.
There may be some art of drug use / mild blood / gambling etc.


tex and his closest companions


rival hitman, or hitman hired to kill him, or have a grudge against him, and so on. some of these may be redeemed (heath is a good example). some of them are pretty evil, others are just annoying. some of the side characters can still be bad but these are the ones mostly after tex.

Side Characters:

these can be good, bad, neutral, or change over the story. many of them are just tex's friends and help him out or past/future clients.

While Dog of Paradise is a personal project and I created this page mostly to organize my own information, you are free to join in and make characters for it! In fact, I strongly encourage it if you have any interest in my world. I love to share it and inspire others! The world allows for a lot of creative freedom, and I have some links below to help you out with your character creation.

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Tex's story

The story is being written privately and will be kept privately for a while, but I may share summaries of the story on this page in the future. For now, story can be enjoyed through character profiles/art.

since dog of paradise is all anthro animals i wrote from details about the world to make it feel more fitting. i keep all the information here for organization purposes but maybe people will find it interesting or inspire their own worlds.


  • dog of paradise is an anthropomorphic world, based on real animals, and there are no humans.

  • A majority of the world is based on some form of realism, with general life being rather ordinary for most people, though there are supernatural things still existing - like cryptids, demons, magic, etc

  • While it is "Earth" and generally the same regions, cities, etc, it is not he same history or has the same people, like "animal version of real person" though I still reference music of real people existing, just don't take this part too seriously.

  • The pinterest moodboard and playlist (youtube / spotify) are a start to get a feel for the headworld and the aesthetics that inspire it.

  • for further worldbuilding check out the page on established locations/places + groups within the world.

Charlie O'Conor, a truck driver hired by Tex to work as an assistant

How the World & Character Design Works:

  • For a very brief explanation of the history of anthros - similar to how humans had a common ancestor with chimpanzees, all the anthro animals evolved from a common ancestor, split from the "feral" form of that species. not ALL animal species went through this, and some have died out since.

  • the feral forms of species still exist and are treated just like how we treat animals. even if they are the same "species" it is not taboo or weird to interact with (in form of zoos/pets/ and such), eat, use material from feral animals. It has been done since anthros evolved and is considered completely normal across all societies.

  • Canine, more specifically domestic canine (dogs), are the most common anthro species, second being feline (especially domesticated felines). Other very common species are domestic (or wild variations) of "farm" animals, cervine, common bird species, common reptile species.

  • native animals to a region are more likely to be anthro in that region as well. small towns in north america will have more anthro deers, bears, raccoons, wolves, foxes, opossums, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, and so on, than nonnative species. however, once you get to larger cities, you will see an incredible amount of diversity in animal species.

  • All anthro species have humanoid bodies/anatomy, organ structures, including primary/secondary human sex characteristics (so no, cows wouldn't have udders, for example). They can still have stuff like claws, unique jaw structures, tails, and other details like scales, spines, horns, etc. Bird anthros can have wing hands or scaled/clawed hands, it is up to personal preference.

  • All anthro species have evolved to have omnivorous diets, though many species that would be considered herbivores may remain on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

  • Animals that have died out due to human impact would still exist, such as the thylacine - but some animals, such as animals that died out early holocene like mammoth, smilodon, etc, would no longer exist. however, there was a secret government project that tried to bring some extinct species back - my andrewsarchus character is an example of this. only a few of them made it out of the program. when the project was cancelled, they were planned to be killed off, but some were smuggled and raised by the ex-scientists.

  • fur colors are semi realistic as well as markings. i'm pretty loose with this cause i just like making things that look pretty, but still look like the animal i'm portraying. i imagine there is a culture around dying furs and such, but it is very expensive and hard to upkeep. most just get fur "tattoos" and dye their head fur unnatural colors, like humans.

Society, Culture, & Religion

  • my anthro world does represent any metaphors such as prey pred prejudices, or have species racism, an oppressed species or anything like that in this world. Though I do write about the specifics of being in an anthro world and how society would work, the choice to have anthros is entirely a stylistic choice and for fun.

  • The average anthro has a decent knowledge of species diversity, better than say, the average irl American's knowledge on animal species. (maybe equate it to the average animal enthusiast or furry) Its not uncommon though, for an anthro to not recognize rarer species or mistake their species for another. Most of the time no one knows what Aaron, who is a bobbit worm, is due to him being an extremely rare anthro species - however it isn't considered rude in most of the world to ask what species someone is, though one may grow tired of having to correct others all the time. my andrewsarchus character gets away with being an extinct species secretly since people just accept they don't recognize his species and are too afraid to ask cause he is intimidating.

  • It is common to see references of animals, zoology terms or latin names, and so on used in business namse, brand names, logos, in the world. for example, a popular coffee chain is known as palm civet coffee. a popular outdoor brand is called gulo (after the wolverine founder's latin name.) and a popular alternative rock band is known as trophic cascade.

  • From a general view of the world - it seems peaceful. there are no (current) wars between species, countries, anything like that. However, there is still crime and violence. There is this specific culture of murder in large cities, where the powerful pay those to hunt their enemies - like animals. This culture isn't known to the public, it is very confined to the rich and powerful, businessmen for companies to drug kingpins and weapons dealers, and sometimes not as rich and powerful but those struggling to survive and desperate, so they find themselves in this culture, working as hitman, bounty hunters. This is where the Dog of Paradise story comes in.

  • There are two fairly common religions, those most of society is agnostic (not to be confused with atheism - many are still spiritual in some way, but in a way where many feel a connection to nature or believe in magical properties and such, not that there is specifically a god). There is a semi popular monotheistic religion, where the god is often depicted as feminine and kind and takes care of the planet. The most common species depiction of this god is of a Sighthound, sometimes also a Sheep, or an old world Vulture. Another common religion is a polytheistic religion where many of the gods are associated with a type of element in some way. The species depictions may vary across regions, but the elemental choices stay the same, and usually cover 2-3 "elements". Some examples are: the god of fire, blacksmiths, and cooking, the god of the sea, storms, and nautical journeys, the god of parties, alcohol, and friendship, and so on. There is also a rarer religion, often feared and considered a cult, around the worship of demons - it is unknown if they know demons are actually real in this world, as most of society doesn't. *note to self - write page on the polytheistic religion and design all the gods cause that would be fun

groups & places of interest

agave ranch

  • An old, traditional western styled ranch outside of Palm Springs at a base of a desert mountain. Ran by Montana and Knox, and open to new ranchers. Known for raising horses, many kinds of crops and keeping an old fashioned cowboy aesthetic, and being a friendly LGBT safe space, mostly for older folk (likely won't find anyone here under 30). They tend to sell at local markets and county fairs rather than go big. Always open to new ranchers and cowboy wannabes. Ansel and Aiden are recently joined members.

neon saguaro hotel

  • Hotel, pool, and spa resort in the heart of Palm Springs with a bright and vivid aesthetic of palm leaves, blue water, colorful painted rooms, neon decorations, and a tropical poolside bar. Named after and inspired by the real hotel in Palm Springs.

desert dream motel

  • A more sleazy, neon decorated motel out of town along a main road ran by ???. a frequent stop for tex on his job.

blue coyote bar

  • a

hank's diner

  • a roadside diner, in the middle of nowhere, but on a path frequented by truckers and travelers. tex often stops here on his many travels for work and has befriended the leopard seal owner, hank stout, who is an ex hitman.

smoke tree

  • often referred to as "the smoke tree" or "smoke tree". near the famous smoke tree ranch in palm springs, though has a secondary location in los angeles. run by lorne. a high end, luxury bar and lounge. fenrir enjoys it on his trips visiting tex. it often attracts the more high class villain of the world, and it doesn't help the owner is shady himself.


  • a

oasis resort

  • a lush, leafy green tropical resort outside of palm springs, california, dark and mysterious on the inside.

??? casino

  • .

burger bear

  • popular burger chain that originated in los angeles, california, in the 1980s, by grizzly bear owner lloyd walters. with a few locations spread across southern california, its a popular choice for a local chain, with many locations either sporting the iconic retro design, or more recent and modern, with a friendly round grizzly bear mascot made in the image of the owner. tex's favorite burger joint, and happy to have a retro one in his hometown.

palm civet coffee

  • a highly popular coffee chain that originated in los angeles, founded by owner emmy nguyen, themed around palm civets and tropical plants, and famous for its cà phê đá and industrial interiors. it has since branched out in locations across the country, reaching as far as nyc. often referred to just "palm coffee" or "the palm". it's tex's favorite coffee.

Rainbow Canyon
Bowling Alley

  • A family friendly and popular spot in Indio. Has some very competitive and serious Bowling teams.

Wild Palms Superspeedway

  • A race track facility that hosts 2 huge circuits. Hosts races for NASCAR, F1, etc. Located out in the desert by Coachella.

Palm Desert
Palm Reading

  • despite the name, is currently based in los angeles (in the silverlake area.) the owner, august, was original from palm desert, but found better business in la. august has a passion for tarot reading, fortune telling, and all things mystical, but little do people know, he's the real deal, with a secret, special connection to the supernatural.

concrete waves
skate park



  • One of hitman groups in the world, and a well known and respected one that operates mainly in the south west, with headquarters in la quinta, california. ran by lawrence, and employees many dangerous and skilled hitmen.


  • a hitman group that was based in new york city and did work around the east coast. aaron trained under them, until an employee went rogue and murdered their boss, and went out to hunt the rest. aaron was able to escape in time to the west, but keeps this a secret from tex. before the group was "disbanded", it was a well respected group and considered the best on the east coast.

Coachella Valley Biker Gang

  • Which is their more official title, they rather be called the Coachella Demons. Current leader is Heath, only recently made leader. The previous leader, and his mentor, made him heir before dying mysteriously. Their base is located in the tiny, barely populated town of Lone Pine. Rumored to have a few demons hidden as members and may also be a hitman organization. Other members include Omar and Savannah.

Pegasus Interstate Delivery

  • delivery company charlie, mac, rowan, and many others work for

cryptid club

  • placeholder text. placeholder text. placeholder text.

Mermaid Fishing Co.

  • often just called "mermaid". A front for an illegal weapons and drug distribution gang. Appears to be an ordinary sea shipment & fishing company, which was it's original purpose (and still mostly operates as such). has operations in juneau, alaska, seattle, washington, and los angeles at the port of los angeles.

canyon sun newspaper

  • An infamous newspaper that covers news for the Coachella Valley region that has gained a following outside for reporting on hitman and their kills.

character creation guide

if you' re interested in making your own DoP character i am EXTREMELY flattered and welcoming to it!! you don't need my permission at all. if you find my character design style + world interesting and wanna make something like it, or want them to live in my world and be friends with Tex or any of my other ocs, go right ahead!! this guide will help you out and help you understand my design process for this world. don't worry about following the rules 100% cause i'm not strict, this are mostly rules /i/ follow but i break em sometimes! (the no cops rule is the only rule i am 100% strict on)

Species Info + Misc Stuff:

  • All species are allowed - no matter how strange or rare. However, fantasy, highly unrealistic hybrids don't exist in this world

  • All anthro species have humanoid bodies/anatomy, organ structures, including primary/secondary human sex characteristics (so cows wouldn't have udders, for example, but human shaped breasts). They can still have stuff like claws, unique jaw structures, tails, and other details like scales, spines, horns, etc. Bird anthros can have wing hands or scaled/clawed hands, it is up to personal preference.

  • "Feral" versions of animals still exist, and are treated simply as feral, wild animals, used for food, materials, kept in zoos, etc. Pets are very rare. It is not considered weird or taboo to eat / hunt feral animals, even those of similar species. It has been done for all of existence and is considered completely normal.

  • All anthro species have evolved to have omnivorous diets, though many species that would be considered herbivores may remain on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

  • Animals that have died out due to human impact would still exist, such as the thylacine - but some animals, such as animals that died out early holocene like mammoth, smilodon, etc, would no longer exist. HOWEVER, there was a now defunct secret government project that tried to bring them back - my andrewsarchus character is an example of this. If you want to have an extinct animal species, you could use this concept.

  • i have a fantasy concept of genetics/procreation in this world. two completely unrelated species can have offspring, but it will be either species, a 50/50 chance (if the species are related and can realistic have hybrids, it is a 1/3 chance it will be a hybrid). the offspring can still have traits from either parents. even if, say, a wolf and a badger couple have a kid and the kid ends up a badger, the badger could have traits from the wolf parent. this could lead to some interesting appearances.

  • your character doesn't have to be a normal, mortal anthro - it can also be a cryptid! that also includes demons, angels, werewolves, etc. or can be a hybrid!

  • if you want your character to work at a certain place or be part of a specific group, check out the places & groups of Dop!

Design Guildlines:

  • I encourage your design to fit the aesthetics of the world in some way. Though there are many aesthetics you can take inspiration from, including new ones i haven't taken inspiration from yet myself. Even characters you don't think could work, could still potentially fit in just fine - even if the world is mainly desert based, an arctic themed character could still work, as they could be a part of Mermaid Fish Co, the weapons dealers group based in colder, snowy regions and on boats and such.

  • themes and aesthetics in the world can be mature. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, violence, blood/gore, weapons, vulgar language, sexual themes, referencing sex, etc are all fine and allowed to be mentioned, referenced, drawn in art, etc. You can also make your character completely ordinary as well with no ties to mature themes or the criminal world.

  • Markings and colors must have at least some inspiration from real life, but feel free to experiment in uniqueness. Anything too extreme from real life or too unnatural is discouraged. For example, a character like Sine wouldn't work due to completely made up coloring and markings. A character like Tex (ironically haha) is pushing it, but has some inspiration from real life. (He is meant to be partially melanistic). So these rules aren't TOO strict, even if you feel it's pushing it, it should still be fine. Pomelo's patterns and colors aren't actual real Island Fox colors, but are taken from real life inspiration.HOWEVER, these design rules do not apply to the demon/angel characters. They aren't restricted by realism.

  • Police characters are strictly forbidden. Security guards, park rangers, private investigator types, other characters relating to law like lawyers or forensics or referencing the law and illegal activity are fine but PLEASE AVOID strong police imagery or cop characters. While law enforcement definitely does exist in this world, I do not allow writing characters around this. They are treated as background enemies without being developed, given names, personalities, stories, etc. Yes, I am aware my characters are involved with criminal activity, as it is the entire point of the story, but I still don't want police characters to have a focus or perspective in my world other than nameless enemies.

  • If your already existing character would fit in, they are free to join. You don't have to make up a new character for the world. If you character is already existing, I recommend making a new tab for them designed for the headworld to keep aesthetics, information, art, etc

profile sample, feel free to use on toyhouse:
Smells Like:
Favorite Food:

Supernatural Beings

In Dog of Paradise, there are supernatural beings, cryptids, mythical creatures, and so on existing in the world, however the average person has no knowledge of these existing. They may be part of religions, or not. They have been around as long as the normal anthros have, or even longer (like angels and demons.)

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Angels (and Demons) in this world are NOT the same as angels/demons from religions. However, they are of course, heavily inspired by demons/angels. But they do not work in the same way or are part of a religion. They are real in this world, because they are a real "species" - just like an anthro Wolf or Cat. They have existed for longer than anthos have (back when anthros were still feral.) They were natural enemies with Demons, and regularly fought each other. They decided to leave "Earth" to give each other space, but used Earth to play and experiment.

Angels take inspiration from biblical angels - but are more inspired by the kind with multi wings, eyeballs, rings of fire, etc. They have what they call a mortal form, which they take on when they visit Earth. Then they have their true form, which can vary, especially based on how powerful they are. They always will have a halo of some type, and at least one pair of wings.

Angels will leave their realm and visit Earth for a variety of reasons. It is actually rare for angels to visit, demons are way more common. Angels may visit because they are bored of their realm, and find life on Earth exciting. In their realm it is a swirl of random information, as it is an alternate dimension, mostly of Earth that passes through randomly in the form of media, and it may inspire angels to seek out more. Angels may visit Earth to form friendships and relationships with mortals, and on very rare occasions - cause evil and mischief, and these angels tend to get hunted down by mortal Angel/Demon hunters, so they live a dangerous lifestyle.

When angels are on Earth, they can come off as naive, inexperienced, even ditzy as they learn how Earth works. They choose their mortal form (they pick an anthro form of choise) and give themselves a new name, and sometimes even choose a gender.

Angels can have powers such as healing, teleportation, transformation, mind reading, and harnessing light and energy to attack if needed. The intensity of these powers can vary.

Little else is known about Angels, most people have no idea they exist. There are religions that worship the idea of angels in a sense, but they aren't that similar to the real "angels". (If they saw a real angel, they probably would be terrified.)

Known angels: Cenit, Micheal, Umbra


Demons are a species/race similar to Angels. They vary in appearance and power, and will have mortal and true forms. The true form can vary in a lot of styles - like having sharp teeth (despite being a herbivore animal), hooves, various styles of horns, claws, scary eyes, bat wings, forked tongues, devil tails, unnatural colors, and more.

Demons generally reside in a realm called "Hell", this is an alternate dimension just next to the dimension that Earth exists in. Demons can freely move between dimensions, and love to leave Hell to cause mischief on Earth - and that mischief can vary, from bullying/pranks, gambling, rowdy partying, to serious criminal activity or direct harm on earthly beings. Because of this, there are mortals dedicated to hunting known problematic demons. Some demons work as succubi and incubi and may be summoned by mortals who are in the "know" of their existence. There are few fanatic groups on Earth who admire demons and wish to communicate with them.

Demons vary in their power - many demons have no powers, but some can have fire powers, teleportation, transformation, shadow powers, and more.

Known demons: Clover, Lucifer

(and other "were" beings).

Werewolves are normal beings who, at some point in their lives, are cursed. This curse can vary, but a typical werewolf can shift at will, but may lose control at times, especially during a fullmoon. The "were" form can vary between people, but is often larger than the normal form, with different colored ears, and typically pretty scary in appearance. Werewolf curses can be passed on, typically through a bite in the neck.

Skull-Faced Beings

Not born cryptids, but those also suffering from a curse. They can have normal forms, but then have an alternate skull faced form. This form can appear at certain times, or at will.

One example is Sante (from a different story, but same world in the past.)

"Desert Walkers"

They go by many names in different languages, and appear in different desert regions on Earth (save for Antarctica.) Notable sightings have been in the Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert, Karakum Desert, Thar Desert, and Kalahari Desert. They seem to be most common within Southwestern United States deserts. Very little is known about them, only conspiracy theorists actively hunt or create content around them. They take on various appearances, but are susually very dark, like a void, have one or multiple eyes (never two), and appear stretched out and tall. They walk in strange motions, make odd clicking sounds, and can teleport at any moment.

They are theorized to be "prototype" or corrupted anthros, leftover from the "creation" of anthros, stuck between dimensions.


Besides specific "species", there are supernatural beings who are strictly their own thing. An example of this is "Death". Death is a mysterious undividual of an unknown species, and simply refers to himself as a Psychopomp. It is believed he is the only one of his kind. He claims to be a physical form of Death and will guide certain soles to the afterlife, but it is known if any of this is true. It is unknown if he is contected to the skull-face curse, or is actually a demon.

There are others like Death who are special individuals, but many no longer exist or are unknown at the time.

If you are inspired by any of these cryptids or my depiction of demons/angels you are free to make your own.

alternate universes of dog of paradise

a bunch of misc "au"s (alternate universes) featuring the characters of dop. mostly just for fun!

  • british AU: an au where dog of paradise is now based in london, england, and the main characters are mostly based on british fauna. tex is now a red fox from brighton, still a hitman who mostly works in london but may travel to other european cities. he still dresses in bright patterned button shirts, but the style of shirts + his dress pants/shoes are different. he's super obsessed with cowboy/american aesthetics and teased about being a cowboy wannabe. charlie is now a european pine marten, from Hathersage and became a lorry driver. fenrir is a london born and raised businessman and now a badger.

  • evil tex AU: i know the title is silly but i might give it a genuine title. this is an au where tex's personality is completely swapped, no longer the same goofy himbo guy. he's manipulative, untrustworthy, and now an international hitman, tracked by agents.

  • reverse AU: in this au, charlie is now the main character, and hitman, and also from los angeles. tex is a trucker from texas. fenrir plays the same role, and hires charlie, but is romantically interested in trucker tex. charlie's style is more tex inspired, with buttoned shirts and nice pants, but his colors are bit more muted. tex now wears heavy jackets, flannel shirts, and trucker hats, and helps charlie out in his kills.

Dog of Paradise is created by me (scpkid).
It all started with an unnamed Opossum and Cheetah character pair, who adventured the desert together.
Special thanks to my friend Leo for contribution to my world.
Website design and assets made by me, unless stated otherwise
(such as unsplash stock or fanart)

my website | follow me on twitter


below are some graphics i've made for fun or for this website! you are free to use them yourself, just link back wherever you can. you can link back to this page, or to any of my social media (my twitter @scpkidd is preferred). any other site graphics not here are not available to use. also, this for personal use only (like on your websites, as desktop wallpapers, etc) please do not use these for profit.

small graphics



  • Name: Joseph "Tex" Saldahna

  • Gender: Male

  • Age: Early 40s

  • Birthday: November 18

  • Species: California valley coyote

  • Height: 6'2''

  • Sexuality: Gay

  • Occupation: Hitman, Bodyguard

  • Hometown: Palm Springs, California

  • Current Residence: Palm Springs, CA

  • Favorite Food: fast food burgers + fries + shake, mexican food, texan bbq

  • Likes: the desert, neon signs, motel pools, casinos, flowers, palm trees, old cars, cool knives, night drives, floral prints, cigarettes, beer

  • About:

Tex is a hitman from Palm Springs, California. Because of his job, people rumor about him as this dangerous and highly skilled hitman, under his nickname/codename "Tex", and fear him because of it. However, once you meet him, he's actually flamboyant, friendly guy, nothing at all like the rumors. He just happens to be good at his job, and strictly only accepts jobs where he kills corrupt people.

He's physically strong, skilled in combat, and can charm his way out of most bad situations (which he prefers to do instead of resort to violence), however he lacks in book smarts, often gullible and easily tricked.

Tex is on the autism spectrum, which sort of explains his personality and his behavior (and his life long special interest in cowboys and westerns). Because of his autistic traits, he can come off as naive and childish, struggling with sarcasm and takes things literally. He can also struggle to read other people's emotions and motives, which can get him into trouble, and struggles with relationships. (Just an important note on this - I am on the autism spectrum and this is based on my own experiences.)

He mostly wears fun colored & patterned buttoned shirts along with dress pants, is known to experiment and sometimes wear more feminine or gender neutral outfits. His hair is often unkempt and uncut (though smells good), and he almost always has some form of scruffy facial hair. He's pretty muscular and bulky as he works out often, but has a bit of a gut which he's proud of.

Tex grew up the area around Palm Springs, California (Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella, Cathedral City, and so on), raised by his parents, James (originally from Texas) and Marisol (from San Diego, and met James in college there). His parents, while somewhat ditzy and inexperienced, raised him well and loved him. They began to struggle financially while Tex was in college, which pressured him to drop out (on top of being neurodivergent and struggling with a learning disability). Discovered by a mysterious man named Jack in a sleazy desert bar, Tex was pulled into the dark world of hitman work, training under him and other notorious hitmen, part of a hidden collective. By the time he was 30, he was skilled enough to work independently and began his own business, quickly becoming well known in the criminal world for his work, thanks to the training of Jack. With Tex's new wealth, he helped his parents, and continues to share his wealth anonymously with his community and those in need.

Currently in the story, he regularly works works in the southwestern states, mainly in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the Coachella Valley. He ends up being hired as a long term bodyguard for Fenrir, a business man who suffers from paranoia and believes he is in great danger, where the two develop a unique friendship, and hiring Charlie, a young truck driver, as an assistant.

You can see his toyhouse page + more art here.